About Us

Our company has over 13 years of proven experience conducting international trade. We are based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, and specialize in import/export in the South East Asian Region.

Because of our first hand experience, we are well positioned to be a consultative business partner, in either a direct supplier role or representative agency role.

As a direct supplier, we offer our overseas customers a full range of services from Consulting to Logistics.

As a representative agent, we offer our suppliers a network of established and reputable importers and distributors who successfully distribute and market a wide range of products.

Currently, Alpha Trade Link and Partners offer a diversified array of merchandise including, but not limited to:

  • Various Food Products
  • Beauty Products
  • Commercial Cooking Equipment
  • Industrial Farming Equipment
  • Recycled Metal

Mission Statement & Business Goals

Through the services we provide and the products we trade, we aim to improve the economic growth of the places where we do business. We want to be the reliable professionals that partner with customers to serve communities both locally and abroad. We are committed to building a happy, long-lasting, and trustworthy relationship with all our customers regardless of what business you are in. When our customers succeed, we all succeed.

The current focus of Alpha Trade Link is to expand our Recycled Export Department in the South East Asia Region. Our expertise in international trade and firsthand knowledge doing business in the region has made us one of the most well-placed leaders to cater to Asia’s emerging markets. Furthermore, the wonderful people and the unique beauty of South East Asia has inspired us to provide more business opportunities and global development to the region.



Ocean Freight

We will work with you to determine the best ports to ship and recieve your containers.

Air Freight

To ship time-sensitive material, we have the ability to find a cost-effective and reliable air freight solution to fit your business.

US Domestic Trucking & Warehousing

If you need to ship around the United States we have a network of truckers to make that happen. We also have the ability to warehouse your goods.

Supply Chain Consulting

We will find the fastest and easiest solution that works for you and your business. We are good at making the complicated aspects of international trading simple.

Market Plan, Research, and Analysis

If you want to sell your products in the United States and you don’t know if it will fly off the shelves, let us help you figure that out. We’ll help you figure out the market before the market figures you out.

Your U.S. Business Representative

The red tape for importing and exporting in the United States may be complicated. We can be your liaison for your U.S. market and the U.S. government.

Do not let Language be the Barrier to Business

We have resources to translators who will work closely with you and your business to explore new opportunities.

Contracts, Letters of Credit, and Legal Compliance

We can draft contracts for you, assist you with letters of credit, and make sure all our dealings are legally compliant.

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To schedule a consultation, please fill out this Contact Form and we will reach back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to receiving your inquiries and working towards developing a successful partnership.

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Company Headquarters:

Located in Alvarado Business, Union City, CA 94587

San Francisco Bay Area



Hours of Operation:

Mondays – Fridays

9am – 5pm

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